About yXit


yXit is our proprietary exit interviewing, reporting and analytics engine that provides the most granular reasons for leaving as stated by employees, during their exit interviews, in the strictest confidence. It also simultaneously captures both positive and negative feedback from exiting employees.

Conversational telephonic exit interviews are conducted by trained behavioural psychologists who are unbiased, non-judgmental and objective.

The focus is on capturing the trigger for leaving and enable organizations to identify the root cause which helps reduce employee attrition. Exit analysis is our core competency and we bring in the required discipline, passion & rigor that is required to maintain process quality. yXit (our proprietary exit interviewing, reporting and analytics engine) provides simple, precise and visually impressive graphical reports without using any complicated math or statistics.

The exit interview reports are easy to read, analyse and interpret and also include recommendations to devise Attrition reduction strategies, thereby help retain employees and reduce attrition rate.

Ace Workshop

At the start of the activity, a joint workshop is conducted between representatives of the Company & AceNgage to assess:

Existing processes:

  • Employee data capture and data availability
  • Employee Retention process
  • Employee Exit process
  • Employee Exit Interview process

Assessment of existing processes is to ensure clear understanding of the current process integrity, ownership, adherence and control. The outputs from the current exit interview processes mentioned above are integral to bringing about transformation in the understanding of both the exit and retention processes. AceNgage will recommend changes to the existing exit interview process, if required.

Reporting Requirements

  • Discuss the scope of reporting by AceNgage with Company HR /interested team
  • Assist Company HR team understand the range of exit interview reports possible and short listing of key reports as part of the AceNgage offering
  • Discuss the availability and the ordering process for additional reports on an ongoing basis
  • Freeze the customized reporting needs
  • Agree on frequency of exit interview reports and cuts required on an ongoing basis

AceInput Workshop

  • Educate HR team on AceInput process and the significance of timely submission of complete and accurate data to ensure maximum benefits from analysis and reporting
  • Understand source of termination data such as SAP, PeopleSoft etc. and discuss technology considerations if any

Interview Questions

  • Discuss and validate the questions typically asked in the exit interviews
  • Any changes to validated questions will be recalibrated, however it is important to note that telephonic exit interviews do not necessarily seek calibrated questions to prevent the robotic effect (unlike the web model)

  • It’s our core competency

    AceNgage has invested significant amount of time money, time, energy to develop our people and technology to deliver consistently the best quality exit interviews, reports and analyses to assist our clients in undertaking precise improvement action plans to improve retention.

  • We bring in wealth of experience and expertise

    AceNgage has conducted over 1, 00, 000 exit interviews with qualified and trained behavioral psychologists to unearth the mystery behind attrition, month on month for our clients. AceNgage assists clients’ employee retention initiatives with help from best practices from our wealth of experiences across clients.

  • AceNgage brings the HR focus back into caring for employees

    The kind of work AceNgage does, involves handling large amounts of data and MIS. Under ordinary circumstances for clients to do this internally using their valuable HR resources would have resulted in spending inordinate amount of time in MIS type of activities. AceNgage intervention helps HR specialists to bring the focus back into caring for their employees and resolving their issues quickly.

  • AceNgage provides unbiased and objective 360° view

    AceNgage counselors, during the exit interviews, uncover not just what caused attrition but also all other relevant feedback around what’s working well and what’s not from all the respondents on the people, process and policy framework governing the employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.


All counsellors are trained Behavioural psychologists. Counsellors go through two weeks of class room and on the job skills training On completion of skills training employees go through mock calls and nesting for two weeks Go No Go evaluation conducted at the end of four weeks.


Dedicated counsellors for each client.

Quality monitoring is done by CQA'S. We also conduct mystery shopping to personally validate the quality of yXit interviews being conducted by our counsellors.

We also periodically conduct CSAT surveys with the interviewees, to measure overal feedback on the Quality of exit interviews conducted.

Data Security

We are not in the Recruitment business or any activity related to recruitment which may allow use of employee information made available to us. The discussion between an employee and the counselor is treated as privileged information.

Business Continuity Plan

All business processes are designed for operations from home. All of our real time work can be rescheduled and be carried out from home/remote locations if the situation demands. Our processes are developed to ensure and deliver high quality service even in cases of denial of premises for a few days at a stretch. Backup is taken on a weekly basis and saved.

Isolate root-causes individually and in clusters

  • Understand reasons of leaving and triggers for attrition
  • Specific feedback on the people, processes and policies framework governing employee engagement and retention
Better quality decision making for improving engagement and retention

  • Decision making minimizes gut feel and provides a solid data based input to building improvement action plans
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of implementation of corrective actions plans embedded in yXit. Month on month evidence based understanding how the action plans are minimizing the effect of targeted triggers of attrition
High quality feedback

  • Besides eliciting reasons for leaving, feedback from every employee includes what’s working well, what’s not and provide for gathering ideas for improvement
  • Feedback reflects on the entire employee lifecycle
  • Best in class exit interview reports and analysis
  • Line Managers and HR managers both align to the drivers of attrition and work together to make solutions work
Free HR bandwidth to pursue employee care activities

  • Reporting and analysis essentially involves sifting through large amounts data. By making this valuable feedback available month-on-month, HR specialists can spend time in addressing root causes and building solutions
  • Typically we are engaged to identify the root causes of any issues related to business under performance and performance improvement
  • AceNgage provides a fresh pair of eyes to look at the challenges in your team or organization and help better decision making
  • AceNgage maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental approach in understanding and presenting the truth behind these challenges evolving effective solutions and implementing them
  • AceNgage offers a flexible approach and can partner with clients irrespective of the amount of prior knowledge that they have. We assist organizations in designing solutions & monitoring the implementation. AceNgage boasts of a strong transitioning methodology to ensure a smooth and easy initiation of the partnering arrangement
  • AceNgage clients can choose from a wide range of commercial and operational models
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