It all started off over a cup of coffee...

Every month, we would sit through numerous attrition reviews and hear that employees gave the same reasons for quitting, such as personal, better prospects, salary & relocation. This gave the impression there was nothing that the Organization could do. This also meant that we left the review with zero action items. Deep down, we all knew there had to be other reasons for people leaving.

We felt this was happening because the existing methodology was flawed. Very often, the exit interview being conducted was a mere formality and the data being captured was very superficial. We felt organizations could do a lot more, to understand the actual reason, but that required them to understand employee minds better—what they really liked about the company and what they disliked.

More research, more cups of coffee and AceNgage was formed

AceNgage Corporate Factsheet



AceNgage has been formed by combining Ace and Engage. AceNgage stands for being the best in employee
engagement. Gage has been used strategically and means gauging; i.e. measuring. We measure Employee
Engagement across various stages of the life cycle.


We have heard several kinds and we want to make sure you get it right



People are and will always be the greatest asset and biggest differentiator of any organization, irrespective of whether they are our people or yours. The success of any organization will depend on how much they invest in their people


Measuring the pulse of the organization is a continuous activity. Organizations should ensure that they listen to their people and have a feedback mechanism in place that ensures that the voice of the employees is heard. What they do with the feedback is equally important. What doesn’t get measured will not improve.


Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. We are passionate about our client’s interest and it is our constant endeavour to deliver more than expected. We are passionate about delivering the best results by focusing on understanding the needs of our clients and delivering the best results to them.

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