The AceNgage Joining ratio & Early engagement Enhancement Program (AceJeep) is designed to improve Joining ratio and enhance an employee’ s Early Engagement Experience. It is a robust employee relationship monitoring and feedback model to identify issues, their root causes and provide immediate assistance to ensure high degree of responsiveness and resolution to issues specific to offers, joining and early engagement.

Organizations can use this feedback to monitor and improve the various processes in place. Experience during Recruitment, Training, On boarding & early engagement can be thus improved. Thereby the organizations can come out with the necessary Employee Engagement Solutions and Programs and devise necessary Employee Engagement Strategies and Employee Retention programs to reduce Early Attrition.

The AceNgage, Employee Engagement Consultants Joining ratio & Early engagement Enhancement Program (AceJeep) also provides a sense of security to the candidate that he/she is not forgotten by the company is not being treated as 'just another candidate' by the company. When employees are engaged with and their issues are addresed/resolved, typically controllable factors of attrition can be brought down significantly.


AceNgage will hire and train counselors to conduct one-on-one telephonic discussions with the candidates (employees) and capture information from these discussions for further processing and reporting throughout the lifecycle


  • AceNgage will Identify and meet-up with key stakeholders and process owners within the HR and related teams
  • Points of contact at AceNgage & the Organization will be identified


  • Pre-Joining Ratio
    • Consultative meetings with representatives from the HR Team to understand the current process
    • Agree on the objectives of the discussions with employees at each stage of the lifecycle
    • Agree of information that will be given to AceNgage, timelines frequency etc
    • Agree of reports & reporting frequency
    • Establish methods and turn-around-times for escalations of cases
  • Engagement Feedback Survey
    • Consultative meetings with representatives from the HR Team to understand the current process
    • Agree on the objectives of feedback capture
    • Agree of input information to be provided to AceNgage, timelines frequency, point of contact etc
    • Agree of reporting requirements


  • For the success of the initiative it is critical that the point of contact is empowered to take decisions and acts urgently on all cases sent for closure
  • An escalation matrix to be agreed up on in case resolution is not received within the specified turnaround times
  • It’s our core competency

    AceNgage has invested significant amount of time money, time, energy to develop our people and technology to deliver consistently. Our sole focus is about employee experience and we will go that extra mile to ensure that employees’ experience in the organization is delightful!

  • We bring in wealth of experience and expertise

    AceNgage has conducted over 1,00,000 exit interviews and over 300,000 surveys with the help of qualified and trained behavioral psychologists to unearth the mystery behind attrition and employee satisfaction, month on month for our clients. This profound knowledge enables our team to understand satisfiers and dissatisfiers in great detail. With this understanding, we work with HR teams to bring in focused interventions to improve pre-joining experience and early engagement

  • AceNgage focuses on close-looping every single issue raised

    The kind of work AceNgage does, involves handling large amounts of data and MIS. Under ordinary circumstances for clients to do this internally using their valuable HR resources would have resulted in spending inordinate amount of time in MIS type of activities. AceNgage intervention helps HR specialists to bring the focus back into caring for their employees and resolving their issues quickly, while AceNgage focuses on ensuring every single issue is close-looped and taken to a closure

  • AceNgage increases accountability

    AceNgage methodology forces organizations to deep dive into the controllable factors and hence resolve issues. Since we are an unbiased, neutral third party we can afford to “call a spade a spade” and ensure every issue raised is closed. This required enormous support from the internal people, policy, process framework of the organization and thus increases accountability at various levels to improve pre-joining and early engagement levels

Improve First impressions of the organization as a company to work in

Ensure the employee has complete clarity of the offer letter (including role, location, project, salary, shift, timings, transportation , allowances etc)

Capture Feedback on the current recruitment practice

Maintain continuity of dialogue( engagement) from the time offer is made to the time employee joins

Increase Offers vs. Joining ratio and reduce renege

Overall enhancement in Quality of Early experience

  • Typically we are engaged to identify the root causes of any issues related to business under performance and performance improvement
  • AceNgage provides a fresh pair of eyes to look at the challenges in your team or organization and help better decision making
  • AceNgage maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental approach in understanding and presenting the truth behind these challenges evolving effective solutions and implementing them
  • AceNgage offers a flexible approach and can partner with clients irrespective of the amount of prior knowledge that they have. We assist organizations in designing solutions & monitoring the implementation. AceNgage boasts of a strong transitioning methodology to ensure a smooth and easy initiation of the partnering arrangement
  • AceNgage clients can choose from a wide range of commercial and operational models
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