Oh the challenges of recruitment

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My friends in BPO Recruitment teams across several companies are in a terrible mood. Everyone seems to be pissed off with their jobs, hate their peers and are upset with their colleagues.
The problem seems to be common. They run a stiff number target ( gosh when will employees be referred to as people and not numbers), somehow manage to meet the target, only to be told that the quality of hires were poor and hence they failed assessments and now the next weeks target has gone up by 20%.
The recruitment heads argument was that I get the people in , you should be able to keep them . I can’t be held responsible if you can’t get them to stay back . Interesting but that’s definitely not the solution, as I can imagine the Ops head saying get me good people and I will definitely get them to stay and the story goes on …
While a lot of debates take place in board rooms I think there could be a solution . By studying data of employees who have left over a year and mapping it with their profile could give an indication of which profiles tend to stay longer than the others. Now that does not mean that Companies shouldn’t hire the ‘not ideal’ profiles. It at least gives a starting point . Feedback could go to the Ops team that these employees need to watched a little more closely, Managers should engage with them more and perhaps the current situation will improve..
Any thoughts, please share them.