“What do employees look for in an Organisation”

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I ran a survey on “WHAT DO EMPLOYEES LOOK FOR IN AN ORGANISATION” on the blog and I would first like to thank each of you for taking time out and participating in it. The final results are:
  • A great team to work with – 84%
  • A nice compensation package – 16%
  • A big brand (products, services, image) – 0%
  • A great office (location, interiors, facilities – 0%
I must admit that the results didn’t surprise me too much, while I would have expected that working for a big brand was something that employees look for, but apparently not.
Coming in at 84%, “A great team to work with” quite simply overshadows other needs satisfied by the employer. It is worth taking a deeper look into what it means to be part of a “Great team”
A team obviously includes everyone that an employee closely works with and an employee’s expectations from the team are:

  • Other Team members: Warm, Sensitive, Hardworking and Helpful
  • Managers: Sincere, Fair, Fearless, Tough, Helpful, Trusting, Attentive to Details, Motivating, Respects rules but willing to break them for good reasons, lead by examples, take the whole team along
  • HR: Willing to listen, responsive, attentive, Pleasure to talk to, and ready to resolve issues
  • Processes: Ensuring Goal clarity and Role clarity, regular and frequent review of work, ensuring encouragement at every small step of the way. Recognition, rewards & reprimand in a timely, useful and friendly manner.
  • Leadership & Policies: Involved in general good of all, truthful, sincere, helpful, friendly, fair, willing to review and rewrite as often as needed for good reasons. Setting lofty goals and laying the roadmap to reach the goals.
In conclusion, the need to create a Great team must become the single biggest agenda of every leader, manager and the supportive framework of processes and policies