The eNPS survey – A great method to improve employee engagement

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Its time for HR to show some spine

It is well known that employees who are highly engaged are enthusiastic about their work and love the company they work at . I could go on about how they have high energy, are full of ideas and make perfect brand ambassadors, but I’m sure you get the drift.

What’s important for organisations is, to know which of their employees are highly engaged and who aren’t. Knowledge of this could be put to some fantastic use by working around each of the employee’s specific needs.

The eNPS does exactly that.It tells you what the Employee Net Promoter Score is.

The NPS by itself is a brilliant model. What its basically says, is that out of all the million questions you could ask employees there is this one, mother of all questions that could identify engaged employees and disengaged ones.

“On a scale of 0 – 10 how likely are
you to recommend (name of the
company) to your friends and family

Response to this question gives us the Net Promoter Score.

Having a score that can be tracked and measured in itself is great to have. However, it doesn’t tell you the cause. A further drill down question has to be asked, to know what needs to be done for the score to go up

I am also wondering if there is any other single question that we could ask our employees which is more powerful.

Please do let me know if you come up with one. As always it will be a pleasure to read your comments

PS: Do reach out to AceNgage if you want an eNPS survey done within your organisation. We will also determine the specific areas within your organisations that are having the biggest impact on the Net Promoter Score. It is a sure shot way to improve employee engagement.