Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESAT survey) does not mean that there is something wrong with the company. Organizations that care about the opinions of their employees conduct regular ESAT surveys and are concerned about having satisfied employees. Surveying employees should become an integral part of how companies conduct their business and not as one time activity. There have been enough studies to prove that satisfied employees are motivated, have high energy levels and will provide superior customer service. This naturally impacts and improves organizational efficiency. To be ahead of their competition, progressive companies are investing in ‘listening’ to their employees.

AceSurveys, (ESAT surveys) allow you to read into minds of hundreds or more employees and are quick to build and roll-out, distinctly intuitive in offering drill-down questions, help isolate issues and offer world class insightful reporting, correlation and analytics. We offer telephonic, in person and web surveys to suit all customer requirements.

AceSurveys, (ESAT surveys) are predictive in nature and are designed to identify problem areas, convert them into questions that elicit productive responses. These responses are then used to bring about organizational changes. An employee satisfaction survey that is administered at the right time can improve satisfaction levels and thereby the productivity & profitability of an organization. However if these problems are not identified and rectified, they will lead to large scale collapse of systems.

AceSurveys, (ESAT Surveys) use advanced analytics to provide clients with simple, precise and visually impressive graphical reports without using any complicated math or statistics. The reports are easy to read, analyse and interpret, and also include recommendations and next steps. We also offer post survey assistance to build, implement and measure the success of the action plans implemented based on employee feedback gathered. This enable a continuous monitoring mechanism to improve employee engagement.

The method involves 5 stages

  • Workshop

    it includes discussions with key stake holders to determine the scope of the project and recommend changes if any to ensure that the survey is relevant to the organization and its employees. It will also include a brief on the desired structure of the communication process to ensure all employees know the relevance of the survey and to generate higher levels of interest & involvement

  • Designing Questionnaire

    Understand the objective of the survey and based on recommendations from the management team, design questions. Once agreed these questions will be built into the survey. We take care to ensure that our surveys are crisp, concise, constructive, easily accessible and efficient.

  • Reporting workshop

    Decide on how the data will be presented and the reporting requirement

  • Manage response rate

    Feedback to the company on the respondents that have completed the survey on a daily basis

  • Data collation, processing, analysis, reports & recommendation

    The outcome will be to provide organizations with feedback in easy to read reports

  • It’s our core competency

    AceNgage has invested significant amount of time money, time, energy to develop our people and technology to deliver consistently the best quality interviews, reports and analyses to assist our clients in undertaking precise improvement action plans to improve employee engagement

  • We bring in wealth of experience and expertise

    AceNgage has conducted over 1,00,000 exit interviews and over 50,000 surveys with qualified and trained behavioral psychologists to unearth the mystery behind attrition, month on month for our clients. AceNgage assists clients’ employee satisfaction initiatives with help from best practices from our wealth of experiences across clients

  • AceNgage brings the HR focus back into caring for employees

    The kind of work AceNgage does, involves handling large amounts of data and MIS. Under ordinary circumstances for clients to do this internally using their valuable HR resources would have resulted in spending inordinate amount of time in MIS type of activities. AceNgage intervention helps HR specialists to bring the focus back into caring for their employees and resolving their issues quickly

  • AceNgage provides unbiased and objective 360° view

    AceNgage counselors uncover not just dissatisfiers but also all other relevant feedback around what’s working well and what’s not from all the respondents on the people, process and policy framework governing the employee engagement , satisfaction and retention


Offers granularity

Responses will be thought provoking

Employees participate in Solution design

Multiple uses

Opinion Surveys: Find out what is priority as people perceive it

Satisfaction Surveys: Find out who is satisfied and who’s not and why

Feedback Surveys: Find out what's working and what’s not, get improvement ideas and solutions simultaneously

Monitoring surveys: Dipstick to track implementation of decisions by their outcomes

Experience Surveys: Get the emotional satisfaction levels besides process measures

Ease of Use

Easy to roll out -Build the conversation tree, identify target population, launch survey on their email id’s

Easy to read, analyse and interpret reports - Provides simple, precise and visually impressive graphical reports without using any complicated math or statistics. Segment, slice and dice as you like it

Scalable & Cost effective

10 or 100000, choose any number in between. Web enabled or telephone accessible anytime and inexpensive

Faster response time

Covers a broader segment

Allows instantantaneous distribution of survey and real-time accumulation and tabulation of results

Immediate data analysis

People are more honest when their answers are not filtered through someone on the phone

The removal of interviewer bias

The Internet eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional marketing research

Most businesses and organizations embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement

  • Typically we are engaged to identify the root causes of any issues related to business under performance and performance improvement
  • AceNgage provides a fresh pair of eyes to look at the challenges in your team or organization and help better decision making
  • AceNgage maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental approach in understanding and presenting the truth behind these challenges evolving effective solutions and implementing them
  • AceNgage offers a flexible approach and can partner with clients irrespective of the amount of prior knowledge that they have. We assist organizations in designing solutions & monitoring the implementation. AceNgage boasts of a strong transitioning methodology to ensure a smooth and easy initiation of the partnering arrangement
  • AceNgage clients can choose from a wide range of commercial and operational models
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