The AceNgage Coaching For Manager program (AceCFM) is a combined skills and behavioural coaching program for managers which includes coaching skills. Going beyond the class room training by working with trainees for a period of at least 12 weeks to create the “before and after” transformation. This coaching program runs independent of any other training program companies have for them. This program has been designed based on feedback captured from over 100,000 exit interviews and having understood root causes of factors that cause employee dissatisfaction.

In a separate survey of to understand their perspective the findings were equally interesting:

  • 50 % variance in the Actual vs. Desired time spent by Managers with the team
  • Excessive time spent in non people activities
  • Most Managers said that they shy away as they are not equipped to handle people issues

The AceNgage Coaching For Manager program (AceCFM) is a 1 on 1 coaching program and runs independent of any other training program companies have for them. Its powerful, transformational coaching approach is guaranteed to instill and enhance managerial values in junior managers who undergo coaching for managers program.

Pre coaching preparation - 2 weeks and includes:

  • Collecting relevant examples and scenarios
  • Participant data & Provisioning in databases
  • Schedule for contact session

Coaching & Feedback - 12 weeks and includes:

  • 1 day of Contact Class; batch of 10 for 6-8 hours
  • Daily self appraisal for first 4 weeks
  • Weekly self appraisal for the remaining 8 weeks
  • Coaching and feedback for 1-2 hours/week over the web/emails/ telephone

Assessments & validation - 0,6 & 12 weeks and includes:

  • Mid course 360° feedback from participant’s team members and manager
  • End of course 360° feedback from participant’s team members and manager
  • Customized Coaching program

    Generic class room sessions follow a “one shoe fits all” philosophy. However, since each individual is different, the attributes and behavior for which they need coaching varies from person to person. After having done 100,000 exit interviews and over 300,000 surveys, we understand the need for customization. Our programs are customized to meet each individual’s need for coaching

  • Continuous feedback from team members

    We provide 360° feedback throughout the program. The customization is based on an initial self appraisal, team members’ feedback and supervisor’s feedback. There is an ongoing assessment and a final 360° assessment to ensure that feedback is being implemented. Scoring and tracking progress is at an individual level

  • Focus is on behavioral transformation

    The program is designed for one on one coaching and doesn’t place an unreasonable demand on the time spent by each participant. The focus is on behavioral transformation and hence is monitored on a day to day basis. Participants will need to meet a very high minimum standard for certification for successful course completion

  • High return on investment

    The price for managerial ineffectiveness can be very high and it impacts all facets of business – profitability, service delivery, CSAT and ESAT. With effective managers, ESAT will increase which in turn increases all facets of business. Happy employees = Happy clients

Enhance levels of ownership of people issues – intrinsically motivated and in - charge

Handle people issues very confidently

Very confident of "what to say and how to say it"

Improved team performance and productivity

Improve retention

  • Typically we are engaged to identify the root causes of any issues related to business under performance and performance improvement
  • AceNgage provides a fresh pair of eyes to look at the challenges in your team or organization and help better decision making
  • AceNgage maintains an unbiased and non-judgemental approach in understanding and presenting the truth behind these challenges evolving effective solutions and implementing them
  • AceNgage offers a flexible approach and can partner with clients irrespective of the amount of prior knowledge that they have. We assist organizations in designing solutions & monitoring the implementation. AceNgage boasts of a strong transitioning methodology to ensure a smooth and easy initiation of the partnering arrangement
  • AceNgage clients can choose from a wide range of commercial and operational models
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