Revenge of the underpaid: four awesome ways to quit your job

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I found this hilarious article recently. It appears that employees are getting very creative while submitting their resignations

What’s important to note, or as my friend would say mudde ki baat is that employees tend to leave mostly because they are unhappy with their Bosses !!

In a recently concluded study that AceNgage did based on feedback captured from over 100,000 exit interviews conducted , ‘Leaving because of supervisor” ranked among the top 3 reasons for leaving across all industry sectors.

New Delhi: So you’re writing your resignation letter. Chances are, you’re leaving because you hate your boss or because you’ve landed the job you really wanted all along. Either way, if you’re planning on going out with a bang, you need to watch these awesome resignation videos.

Marina Shifrin’s boss only cared about “quantity and how many views each video gets.” Her dance routine to Kanye West’s Gone went viral and fetched her some new job offers, notably one from musician-actress Queen Latifah.

This guy gave his co-workers an eyeful at lunch time, atop a chair accompanied by the very familiar boom of the Dawn motif from Strauss’ Thus Spake Zarathustra. Later, he jived out as Freddie Mercury sings “Just gonna get right out here.”

Phil quit his coffee shop job with a little musical help from his friends. His bosses looked dazed and confused but the customers were loving it.

Jenny quit in a series of whiteboard messages, telling her boss exactly what she thought of him.

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