Why Outsource Exit Interviews

Common Manager Related Challenges
  • Limited understanding of why employees leave
  • Nobody owns Attrition
  • No accountability leading to weak control measures
  • Managers feel jaded because of limited success to get the problem under control
  • Blame it on the uncontrollable factors
  • Inability of Managers to think beyond their teams and hence tend to give up and continuously focus on attrition back fill.
Advantages of Outsourcing Exits/Why Outsource Exit Interview

Know the ‘real’ reason why employees leave

To be able to improve retention the start point has to be in ensuring that the actual reasons why employees have left is are known by the company. A third party will ensure that the feedback captured is honest and unbiased. Since personal details are kept confidential employees tend to be more open & honest as there is no fear of retribution.

Core Competency

Typically in Organizations the resources conducting exit interviews do several other tasks too and sometimes are forced to prioritise their work. Conducting exit interviews may not be their top priority. They are not trained to conduct exit interviews and usually it’s the ‘available’ resource at that point in time, who is asked to conduct the interview. Conducting exit interviews is an important & critical activity and the resources conducting them should be trained on how to handle the discussion. Contact rate is also better when done by a 3rd party vendor who are Outsourcing exit interview India.

Improve HR Bandwidth

HR teams can now focus on engaging with the employees based on the information that is provided by the third party. Having tailor made reports sent to the Organization will save HR from spending unreasonable amount of time in form if their computers, Instead now that time can be spent in front of the employees

Competitor information

A 3rd party is able to use collective information that they have, by virtue of working with other clients and assist organizations in implementing the right action plans to improve retention. Best practices can also be shared that will benefit all organizations who outsource exit interview

Employees feel more cared for

The opportunity can be used to tell employees that the Organization values their feedback and cares for them. It is also a great opportunity to check if the employee would be willing to join back.


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