Improve pre-joining experience & Early engagement

Current Challenges that organizations Faces with Early Engagement
  • Recruitment teams get accused of wrong hires
  • Candidates are not clear about the offer i.e. role, entitlements, salary etc
  • High levels of anxiety and insecurity in the first week
  • Poor On boarding experience
  • Managers do not bond with new hires
  • High attrition the first 3 months
What AceNgage does differently:
  • AceNgage counselors make multiple contacts (Telephonic calls/emails/chats) to all candidates to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the offer i.e. role, salary location etc. In case of any queries AceNgage will address them while liaising with the client. This relationship continues until the candidates reports to work on Day 1. Increased engagement during this stage translates to a higher joining ratio
  • Post joining AceNgage will connect with all fresh recruits at different stages of the life cycle to ensure that they are comfortable and also to address any queries that they may have. Employees during this stage are very anxious and sometimes feel lost as they haven’t yet built relationships within the organization. AceNgage proactively reaches out to the employee to ensure that they are happy and engaged
  • AceNgage will also take the responsibility of ensuring closure of all cases where employees require clarification. AceNgage will liaise with the internal points of contact to seek resolution and have the ticket closed at the earliest
  • Reasons for not joining and reasons for early attrition are tracked and specific feedback is provided to the Organization so that policy & process changes can be made to improve overall experience. As part of our continuous feedback mechanism we will monitor impact of corrective actions that are being taken also, thereby making the process more robust
  • Weekly and monthly MIS will be provided to the organization to maintain high visibility on issues
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