Coaching for Manager program

Common Manager Related Challenges
  • High performing employees (with no managerial skills) are promoted to Managers
  • Managers do not possess the required/adequate people skills
  • Most learning are brief training in a class-room environment with no proof of practice, only hope that the manager would have transformed
  • Team Manager’s manager has no time to coach or assess improvement
  • No coaching on areas of weaknesses and hence the Manager rarely improves
Key Highlights of the AceNgage Coaching For Manager Program (AceCFM)
  • The programme has been built based on studies and responses from over 100,000 exit interviews, 300,000 surveys
  • Target Audience – First time Managers
  • Focus on transformation i.e. demonstrable difference in practice of managerial values
  • Customized - Each individual demonstrate varying degrees of these values at different times
  • It takes time to transform people - Program duration : 12 weeks
  • Set high standards – Minimum scores to claim successful completion is 4/5 across each values for the last 3 weeks and the maximum variance 10% between self-score, coach-score and 360° score
  • Designed for delivery with minimum interference at work (30 minutes/day in private time)
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