Oh No , Not again !!

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I just read this article that was featured in DNA a few weeks back. Titled “To deal with attrition, companies extending notice period” it spoke about how Organisations IT-ITeS firms are increasingly extending notice periods from one to three months to dissuade poaching of staff. In order to safeguard their business interests, companies in the IT-ITeS sector are increasingly introducing longer notice periods for employees leaving their fold.
My first reaction was Oh No! I mean how short sighted can Organisations get .While yes ,it probably dissuades employees from leaving and Competitor organisation from poaching it hardly helps the cause.
Disengaged employees are surely a bigger threat than having employees leave. Instead shouldn’t Organisation focus on keeping their employees engaged and improve retention.
KEY: The Three Types of Employees
KEY: The Three Types of Employees
It’s very evident that by not letting employees who want to leave, Organisations are only creating more Disengaged employees who have a direct negative impact on Morale of other team members, performance & productivity.
HR teams today need to get creative with their solutions and look at identifying root causes of dissatisfaction. Instead of planning on increasing hiring numbers they need to figure out why employees are leaving in the first place.

What can Organisations do to improve employee engagement?
  • Create a 2 way mechanism to capture employee feedback on a continuous basis.
  • Work on the feedback and monitor actions being implemented.
  • Communicate with the employees.
As always I will be happy to hear from you on what you think Organisations can do to keep their employees engaged.