Nobody wants to be a bad Manager

Its been busy on the personal & professional front like it always ‘appears’ to be , in most of our cases 🙂
HR teams are busier these days , most of them trying to ensure that the Managers complete the ‘task’ of sending out the Annual appraisal scores of all the team members.
Don’t you wonder why this gets done only with several reminders , and in the very last minute or even after the deadline. Why do Managers find it tough to complete this process and why don’t they enjoy it . I mean shouldn’t it be an exciting thing to do. An opportunity to mentor, groom, advice and lend a shoulder for all the team members who need support in some form or the other.
The problem is that the whole appraisal discussion is perceived as a pain as Managers don’t want to give bad news, don’t want to take ownership of the salary hike the employees would get and just don’t want to be accountable. Then why be Managers ??
Nobody wants to be a bad Manager but unfortunately in today’s environment Manager’s are being set up for failure as they are not provided with the required levels of coaching & development.
After reading thousands of Exit interview and Employee satisfactions survey verbatim, we have enough data that suggests that to assist Managers become better Managers there are 9 values and 3 communications skills they need to be coached on :
9 Values:

  • Ownership and accountability of situations
  • Fair play
  • Identifying coaching and counseling needs
  • Keeping promises
  • Company before the team and team before the individual
  • Disagree and commit
  • Asking for help
  • Attention to details
  • Need to know
3 Techniques in Communication Skills:

  • Setting expectation
  • Appreciating and praising
  • Reprimanding
It may not be simple but we have to start somewhere and its only logical that the best place to start is, by grooming Managers to become better Managers