Low Attrition yet high Disengagement

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A couple of years back when attrition was at its peak most organisations were struggling to find out why people were leaving and till date have not been able to figure it out…With the economic downturn Companies breathed a sigh of relief as attrition was not a cause for a concern anymore. Little did they realise that the problem is far greater now than before.
In the past disgruntled employees would leave and find jobs at other companies. However based on several surveys that we have done recently, it is evident that there is a bigger problem on hand. The problem being disgruntled employees not quitting. So now companies have an added problem of poor performance and morale.High performers continue to get jobs thereby the percentage of disgruntled Cat B performers is on the rise.
Companies ought to realise this and ensure that they pay attention to Employee Engagement at this crucial time inspite of the fact that Attrition may be low. In the past Attrition was a reflection of the general satisfaction level of the employees, not anymore.