Increasing Joining Ratio

In the recent past I have seen that Companies are getting more creative and are looking at different methods to engage with employees much before they even join the company.
This proactive approach goes a long way on ensuring that the new employees feel a lot more valued. It also reduces first day anxiety levels as employees are briefed on what to expect, whom to meet and also for outstation employees finer details like location of the office and how to get there etc. are informed in advance.
AceNgage currently assists companies by getting in touch with the candidates once an offer letter is issued and engaging with them until they join the company
The key objectives of this engagement are:
  • Enhance Offer To Join Ratio.
  • Reduce Early (Zero to Three months attrition).
  • Continuous feedback and monitoring of the outcomes at various milestones (Offer to 3 months).
  • Provide a robust employee relationship monitoring and feedback model to identify issues, their root causes and provide immediate assistance to ensure high degree of responsiveness and resolution to issues specific to offers, joining and early engagement.
  • Reporting and Analytics to provide inputs for systemic corrections in people, process & policies framework in managing early engagement.
Some companies also go the extra mile and in fact invite all new employees for lunch prior to them even joining the company to introduce them to their future colleagues.
While there is a definite and significant cost saving when the Join ratio improves there are also tremendous intangible benefits of improving early engagement.