You have done enough reacting, let 2017 be about Acting


The challenges that Organisations face continue to be around talent attraction & employee retention. Nothing new there. Oh Happy New year 🙂

AceNgage over the past several years has worked with a lot Organisations on many many areas of employee engagement & retention. I can, with a lot of confidence, state that we have a good understanding of what Organisations should do to address these challenges .

You have to take bloody good care of your new hires

New employees are always full of enthu, have a spring in their feet and are raring to go.

As leaders you should make a promise that you will do what it takes to keep them engaged.

Listen to their voice. Its mission critical.

Watch this video highlighting the importance of conducting ‘First impression surveys’

Our Managers need help

No one wants to be a bad Manager and each one of us can do with some help. Invest in coaching. Customised, high impact programs is what they need. Programs where results are tangible.

Own Manager coaching. Be responsible. Act

Watch this video to know the specific areas that Managers need help with

Get your exit interviews done by a specialist

Exit interviews are by far the best way to gather feedback on employee experience. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, employees don’t open up during internal discussions. The fears may be unfounded but they exist.

Exit interviews are best done by trained behavioural psychologists. The information gathered is phenomenally relevant and can assist organisations take the right decisions to improve overall employee experience

Watch this video to learn about the advantages of outsourcing exit interviews

Theres no better time than now to act…

Cheers to a fantastic 2017