Companies may face heat for layoffs, salary cuts

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Companies that sowed the wind with harsh measures such as layoffs and pay cuts during the economic slowdown should be prepared to reap the whirlwind in the form of major difficulties in hiring and retaining staff as growth gets back on track.
Employee churn has picked up significantly in the past three months in several businesses and HR experts said how companies treated staff during the tough times would be a key determinant of attrition levels and the fabric of employer-employee relationships.
Among those left sadder, wiser and bitter because of the experience with an employer during the downturn is a senior official who left a top FMCG company to join a leading retailer on a 50% higher salary. Within nine months, the retail firm scaled down expansion plans and transferred him to a remote location without any warning. Pushed to a corner, he quit and rejoined his former employer.
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