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Start-ups face high attrition despite paying good salaries 5

I read an article that that featured in Financial Times with this heading and it got me curious. Excerpts: Indian start-ups are good paymasters with 82 per cent paying above the market median. Many Indian start-ups are doling out handsome pay packets, with junior level employees. However, Indian start-ups face attrition rate of as high as 21 per cent despite being good paymasters, says a study. According to the study

Attrition Fact 21/10/2013 2

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Attrition reports generally have Salary as the main reason why employees leave Organisations. However our studies tell us that Salary doesn’t feature among the top 5 reasons why employees leave Organisations. So what is the disconnect ? When exit interviews are done internally employees tend to be discreet about the actual reason for leaving and in most cases are more comfortable stating uncontrollable factors. Organisations on the other hand prefer

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