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Start-ups face high attrition despite paying good salaries 5

I read an article that that featured in Financial Times with this heading and it got me curious. Excerpts: Indian start-ups are good paymasters with 82 per cent paying above the market median. Many Indian start-ups are doling out handsome pay packets, with junior level employees. However, Indian start-ups face attrition rate of as high as 21 per cent despite being good paymasters, says a study. According to the study

IT Companies battle rising attrition amid demand uptick 3

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It is now common knowledge that most Organisations have reported higher attrition over the last few months. Business Standard quoted the following figures: India’s second largest IT services company, Infosys’s attrition rate in July-September 2013 was highest in more than six quarters. It saw an attrition rate of 17.3% in July-September 2013, as against 15.0% a year ago, and 16.9% in April-June 2013. HCL Technologies saw a sharp rise in

Why good employees leave ? 1

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I saw this on one of my friend’s Facebook wall. I cant agree more apart from it being called a ‘surprising finding’. The challenge is that employees don’t say this at the time of their internal exit interviews as most of them don’t want to burn bridges and hence Organisations never really know the right reason. Time to look beyond the current methods ?

Nobody wants to be a bad Manager 1

Its been busy on the personal & professional front like it always ‘appears’ to be , in most of our cases 🙂 HR teams are busier these days , most of them trying to ensure that the Managers complete the ‘task’ of sending out the Annual appraisal scores of all the team members. Don’t you wonder why this gets done only with several reminders , and in the very last

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