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Indians are happy at workplace, but constantly on the lookout 2

This was the headlines of an article I read in this morning’s Economic times. The article spoke about a study that found that the level of job satisfaction in India is extremely high at around 88%, as against the global average of around 56 %. It also said that 71% of the Indian workforce is either thinking about or actively looking for new positions. I run a business helping Organisations

Managers need to recognise early warning signals 8

Retention is quickly becoming a major concern for organizations of every size and in every industry and most companies are now putting retention on that list of main concerns. Unfortunately, putting retention on that list of main concerns and doing something about it are 2 different things. It is very important that Organizations have a strategy around this and work around it. However, the first step would be to have

IT Companies battle rising attrition amid demand uptick 3

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It is now common knowledge that most Organisations have reported higher attrition over the last few months. Business Standard quoted the following figures: India’s second largest IT services company, Infosys’s attrition rate in July-September 2013 was highest in more than six quarters. It saw an attrition rate of 17.3% in July-September 2013, as against 15.0% a year ago, and 16.9% in April-June 2013. HCL Technologies saw a sharp rise in

Attrition Fact 08/10/2013 2

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Common sense will tell you that the employees in any organisation are the biggest and possibly the best source to attract talent . However, we continuously hear of the internal employee referral programs don’t work. So why do most employee referral programs fail ? While i could list a few , the biggest reason almost always boils down to lack of rigor & discipline in rolling out the program. Most

The need to retain Seasoned Professionals 1

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THE NEED TO RETAIN SEASONED PROFESSIONALS A seasoned professional in organization will necessarily have most of these characteristics – He or she would have been a tenured employee, would have played different roles in the company across functions and business units, would consistently meet organizational and business goals, have personal rapport with many of the colleagues at different levels in the organization, have a knack of getting things done quickly

First Day at School 1

My son started going to a new school a few days back and was going through separation anxiety. He repeatedly kept telling us that he wanted to go home and that he could start the next day etc. He was crying until we reached the school gate at which point one of his teachers took him from us and asked us not to worry. The teacher looked pleasing, confident and

Stay Surveys 2

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With the market looking up and attrition numbers gradually increasing, more and more companies are looking at what is causing their employees to leave. While the best way to understand the root cause of attrition is to have a heart to heart conversation with the attriting employee, it would also extremely useful to talk to employees while they are in the company to identify if there is a potential threat

Low Attrition yet high Disengagement 1

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A couple of years back when attrition was at its peak most organisations were struggling to find out why people were leaving and till date have not been able to figure it out…With the economic downturn Companies breathed a sigh of relief as attrition was not a cause for a concern anymore. Little did they realise that the problem is far greater now than before. In the past disgruntled employees

Companies may face heat for layoffs, salary cuts 1

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Companies that sowed the wind with harsh measures such as layoffs and pay cuts during the economic slowdown should be prepared to reap the whirlwind in the form of major difficulties in hiring and retaining staff as growth gets back on track. Employee churn has picked up significantly in the past three months in several businesses and HR experts said how companies treated staff during the tough times would be

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