Bye Bye 2009

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I wonder what 2009 will be remembered for, or will people even want to ever remember it .We at AceNgage too, had our ups and downs, more downs that ups, predictably.
Through the year I met a lot more HR heads than in the previous year. I would joke with them, that earlier they had the money to spend, but not the time, now they have the time to spend and not the money.
On a positive note, it helped us to sit back and strategise and look at what our Customers want. We then went back to the drawing board and tweaked our services and in 2009 launched our “Coaching For Manager program” & “Counselling services to Employees”. Both of which have been received by our Customers well.
We are also launching our new website and I can’t tell you how excited we are about it. Hang in there and very soon you should be able to view it .