How proactive is your HR team? 2

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We recently completed an engagement with a subsidiary of a large multinational company with more than 200,000 employees in over 100 countries across the globe. The objective of the engagement was to find out what the ‘Employees think of the HR Dept’.  In the past AceNgage has worked on several employee engagements initiatives to find out:   1. Why employees quit 2. Why candidates did not inspite of accepting the

What is employee engagement? 2

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There are a zillion definitions of what employee engagement is and if you type this question on Google you will get about 2,24,00,000 results in about 0.43 seconds. That said, I would still like to add my 2 bits 🙂 In my opinion highly engaged employees have 2 things working for them – the organisation & their manager. Engagement with the Organisation An employee feels that he/she is engaged when

Some lessons I picked along the way 5

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As I look back at 2014, I believe that it has been a good year, overall. The political situation is seemingly more stable, stock market is booming, fuel prices are falling and there is a lot of hope among the people I meet. Personally, the last year was a whole lot of fun and there were few things that I picked up. Call them, lessons, best practices or just worldly

In conversation with an Uber driver 2

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Uber is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The problems they are having are not just India centric. A judge in Madrid has ordered a temporary halt to the service and Thai authorities say the firm lacks proper registration and insurance. I have been using Uber fairly often and happened to use Uber yesterday too. I naturally picked up a conversation with the driver to gauge what he

People management lessons I’ve learnt from my Dog 5

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The first few months are critical. Frappe(our Golden retriever) is close to 3 years old and is fairly independent. However, when we first brought her home we made sure that we were always around watching on her. Toilet training takes time and we had to show a lot of patience during the early days. Getting her used to our home meant we had to spend time with her. We had

How important is it to be dressed ‘right‘ for an interview? 3

Do interviewers pay attention to what the candidate says or to what they wear? What is professional & what is casual. What is right & what is wrong? How do I make a good first impression? These are questions that most candidates attending interviews have.  Our guest writer Ciara who represents Quintessentially People shares some useful advice on dressing for an interview.  Research the company culture You should already be

Why in-house exit interviews do not yield insights? 5

Traditionally, exit interviews are done by the in-house HR teams. The objective is to capture the employees’ feedback at the time of leaving. This is done on the last day in most organisations and is a one on one session with the HR SPOC. The level in the organisational hierarchy determines who from the HR team will conduct the interview for the exiting employee. This feedback is captured for further

Management lessons from Modi @ Madison 5

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A lot has been said about Modi’s speech at Madison. He enthralled the 20,000 crowd with his gripping speech and by the end of it he was being hailed as a rock star. Bono, Beyonce and The Beatles have all played at Madison I got myself thinking about what he does differently and how he manages to garner such attention and adulation. When I thought about the qualities he displayed,

Consistency is the key 5

We had to get our house renovated and hence had shifted out to another house. I am now back to our old house that looks new!! The new windows, the fresh paint smell inspires me also to look different (read new ) . The workers pushed my treadmill to the balcony and the additional work load didn’t let me do any exercises (You are right, its an EXCUSE, excuse, excuse). I

Importance of Exit Interviews 4

This blog has been written by one of our counsellors [Sheetal] at AceNgage. During our lunch hour conversations she suggested that we write a post on why Organisations should conduct exit interviews (or outsource it to an expert) which is when I decided that she is best equipped to do it since she personally has done over a few thousand exit interviews so far. “I have already put down my

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