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Appraisal Satisfaction Survey – The Need of the Hour 2

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It is appraisal time and everyone is running behind deadlines and trying to complete the process within the stipulated time. Something I have never understood considering that appraisals & feedback should be a continuous process. One thing that you hear the most during this season is the dreaded word ‘ Bell Curve’. No one knows what it means and the ones who do , cant seem to care to explain.

What do we want from our jobs ? 1

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A couple of weekends back I was having drinks with a few of my friends from the HR world at TGIF ( I passed by it this evening and it was closed , due to the tragic incident that took place at Carlton Towers earlier this week) and the conversation led to a discussion around what do employees expect from their jobs ? We debated a bit and Money was

Bye Bye 2009 1

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I wonder what 2009 will be remembered for, or will people even want to ever remember it .We at AceNgage too, had our ups and downs, more downs that ups, predictably. Through the year I met a lot more HR heads than in the previous year. I would joke with them, that earlier they had the money to spend, but not the time, now they have the time to spend

Low Attrition yet high Disengagement 1

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A couple of years back when attrition was at its peak most organisations were struggling to find out why people were leaving and till date have not been able to figure it out…With the economic downturn Companies breathed a sigh of relief as attrition was not a cause for a concern anymore. Little did they realise that the problem is far greater now than before. In the past disgruntled employees

Companies may face heat for layoffs, salary cuts 1

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Companies that sowed the wind with harsh measures such as layoffs and pay cuts during the economic slowdown should be prepared to reap the whirlwind in the form of major difficulties in hiring and retaining staff as growth gets back on track. Employee churn has picked up significantly in the past three months in several businesses and HR experts said how companies treated staff during the tough times would be

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