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How difficult is it to be nice? 5

I was travelling by Spice jet recently. Honestly, its not one of my favourite airlines as they have a general reputation of being delayed especially in the Vizag – Bangalore sector. But then, since I didn’t have any choice (there are no other evening flights from Vizag to Bangalore) I was forced to take it . I reached in time to find the girl behind the counter having a fairly

Start-ups face high attrition despite paying good salaries 5

I read an article that that featured in Financial Times with this heading and it got me curious. Excerpts: Indian start-ups are good paymasters with 82 per cent paying above the market median. Many Indian start-ups are doling out handsome pay packets, with junior level employees. However, Indian start-ups face attrition rate of as high as 21 per cent despite being good paymasters, says a study. According to the study

Do your Managers have scorecards ? 4

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It Tweet this One of the biggest challenges that organisations face today is that a high percentage of employees leave because of their managers, either directly or indirectly. How many times have you heard that ‘People Don’t Leave Companies …They Leave Leaders’! We have spoken to enough Managers and I can say this with a lot of confidence that no one wants

Are you taking your reference checks seriously? 8

As part of every recruitment process there is the mandatory step of conducting reference checks. Unfortunately this process is most often a cursory check and not given due importance. When is the last time you have heard of someone failing the reference check process? Tweet this. The reference check can actually provide very significant and valuable feedback about the hire which can be used very effectively while engaging the employee

A Good Attitude + A Good Aptitude = A Good hire 7

Organisations are continuously looking at inventive and innovative approaches to address their recruitment requirements. While technical skills are tangible and are well written out in resumes, identifying attitude in a 30 min interview continues to be a challenge.tweet this! The candidate for obvious reasons wants to put his best foot forward. He has probably role played most of the typical questions that would be asked during the interview and has

Managers need to recognise early warning signals 8

Retention is quickly becoming a major concern for organizations of every size and in every industry and most companies are now putting retention on that list of main concerns. Unfortunately, putting retention on that list of main concerns and doing something about it are 2 different things. It is very important that Organizations have a strategy around this and work around it. However, the first step would be to have

Revenge of the underpaid: four awesome ways to quit your job 7

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I found this hilarious article recently. It appears that employees are getting very creative while submitting their resignations What’s important to note, or as my friend would say mudde ki baat is that employees tend to leave mostly because they are unhappy with their Bosses !! In a recently concluded study that AceNgage did based on feedback captured from over 100,000 exit interviews conducted , ‘Leaving because of supervisor” ranked

Lessons learnt from the last 7 years 8

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Woo hoo AceNgage has turned 7 and we are also proud to launch our brand new website The last 7 years have been immense learning for us. We believe the roller coaster has helped us realise our collective DNA. There were the usual mix of good, bad and ugly moments and now looking back each and every one of them were worth it. We learnt a few things along

Happy New Year 5

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Yes, 2014 is being branded globally as the year of the Employee. So go out there and make it happen. Seize the day and the year !

High Performers don’t always make great Managers! 6

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By definition managing means managing people and in that context, it all comes down to getting team members to deliver the team goals. A high performing individual contributor is driven by the sense of “wanting to be the best” as compared to the rest. This sense of competitiveness and the appetite to win always starts individualistically. It is only natural that someone as competitive and successful will naturally extend that

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