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How proactive is your HR team? 2

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We recently completed an engagement with a subsidiary of a large multinational company with more than 200,000 employees in over 100 countries across the globe. The objective of the engagement was to find out what the ‘Employees think of the HR Dept’.  In the past AceNgage has worked on several employee engagements initiatives to find out:   1. Why employees quit 2. Why candidates did not inspite of accepting the

What is employee engagement? 2

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There are a zillion definitions of what employee engagement is and if you type this question on Google you will get about 2,24,00,000 results in about 0.43 seconds. That said, I would still like to add my 2 bits 🙂 In my opinion highly engaged employees have 2 things working for them – the organisation & their manager. Engagement with the Organisation An employee feels that he/she is engaged when

Some lessons I picked along the way 5

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As I look back at 2014, I believe that it has been a good year, overall. The political situation is seemingly more stable, stock market is booming, fuel prices are falling and there is a lot of hope among the people I meet. Personally, the last year was a whole lot of fun and there were few things that I picked up. Call them, lessons, best practices or just worldly

In conversation with an Uber driver 2

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Uber is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The problems they are having are not just India centric. A judge in Madrid has ordered a temporary halt to the service and Thai authorities say the firm lacks proper registration and insurance. I have been using Uber fairly often and happened to use Uber yesterday too. I naturally picked up a conversation with the driver to gauge what he

People management lessons I’ve learnt from my Dog 5

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The first few months are critical. Frappe(our Golden retriever) is close to 3 years old and is fairly independent. However, when we first brought her home we made sure that we were always around watching on her. Toilet training takes time and we had to show a lot of patience during the early days. Getting her used to our home meant we had to spend time with her. We had

Management lessons from Modi @ Madison 5

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A lot has been said about Modi’s speech at Madison. He enthralled the 20,000 crowd with his gripping speech and by the end of it he was being hailed as a rock star. Bono, Beyonce and The Beatles have all played at Madison I got myself thinking about what he does differently and how he manages to garner such attention and adulation. When I thought about the qualities he displayed,

Corporate lessons from a cricket match 6

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India lost the only 20-20 match that they played in England to end their rather disastrous tour. While the loss on itself will soon be forgotten what made news was the way Dhoni decided to handle the situation. India needed 17 from eight balls. India needed anything, anything from Rayudu: a four, a two maybe. But Rayudu couldn’t manage to score. Two dot balls, one on leg, the other on

Office Mahabharata 6

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I received this interesting message this morning and decided to use it in my blog. Unfortunately (like a lot of very interesting stuff that we receive via email, texts whatsapp messages and face book posts) I am not sure about the origin and hence cannot give due credit to the person who originally wrote it . The writer has drawn interesting and funny comparisons to our everyday colleagues at work

Advantages of using a recruitment agency 3

I am in conversation with 2 clients’ simultaneously to build an employee referral program as part of their recruitment strategy. Companies have started focusing more and more on Employee referral programs as their preferred recruitment channel since it is more effective and less expensive. There seems to be a paradigm shift from the past when Organizations would be heavily dependent on consultants. The below post is written by guest writer

Before you ‘fire’ them, remember you have ‘hired’ them !! 5

Unlike in the past, we hear of employees being laid off a lot more often these days and rightly so. While it may not and should not be the first option it’s almost always in the best interest of the organization. We are all dependent on our clients and if we lose business it’s natural to ask the employees working on that particular project to leave. In a way they

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