Only when you ask, you will ever know

Only When you Ask

I have a friend who is looking at buying a house. He is curious about the reputation of the builder, the quality of construction, proximity to schools and hospitals and lots of other stuff. He wants to be sure he is making the right decision.

My friend who recently got a pup home had tonnes of questions and reached out to me since she knows I have one too. She wanted to make sure the pup felt absolutely comfortable the day he reached home.

My colleague is looking at buying a car and spends a good amount of time on reviews and videos to compare features among the various cars in that segment.

My wife’s friend is struggling to decide the best school for her child who goes to first grade this year and is spending a lot of time researching schools in the neighbourhood.

“Pretty much everyone wants to know a little more, to help them take the best decision”

Now when it comes to Organisations too, there is a strong need for HR teams to gather feedback about what’s going on in the minds of the employees. It is well known and accepted that highly engaged teams are more productive and can lead the company to greater success.

“Its only with true and honest feedback that companies can build the right employee engagement strategies”

The need to seek information is only increasing. It could be as web based surveys, 1 on 1 discussions, telephonic interview’s, group discussions or even casual water cooler charts.

“Only when you ask you will know, only when you know you can do something about it”

The general tendency however is for employees to be more comfortable when there is no fear of retribution. We have all heard of several instances where giving feedback has actually backfired. While the intent may be good, its best to have a neutral party conduct these feedback capture discussions. It eliminates any bias that we may have and allows employees to be more open & honest.

“Go out there ask questions, seek feedback”

The truth as you know can be bitter sometimes, but knowing what going on is the only way to ensure we are taking the right decisions towards improving employee engagement. No point shying away from knowing the truth.

Please drop your comments and views and as you can see I am asking for feedback 😉