• Our Team
Our Team


  • Our team comprises of qualified behavioural psychologists and trained counsellors. Their counselling expertise enables specially designed conversation flows and high quality usable data capture from their conversation with the employees of our clients
  • Our unbiased, non judgemental conversation techniques help in understanding the truth at a granular level. This in turn forms the basis for root cause analysis of challenges and designing targeted solutions
  • Our MIS team helps gather, analyze and provide high quality, usable and impressive reports to our clients
  • Our team of counsellors is supported by specialists in Quality, Technology, Coaching & Consulting
  • Our proprietary technology enables us to provide work from home opportunities and therefore we are equipped to hire and train the best talent without location constraints

Our people are and will always be our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. We have a young, amazingly talented, vibrant multi-disciplinary team who are passionate about improving work place experience for employees. They also believe in having fun along the way and the lunch hour debates will give any news channels a run for their money

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Krish Hanumanthu

Krish is a senior professional with extensive experience in hospitality, BPO and outsourcing industry. With over 17 years work experience in customer facing functions, he also is an accomplished sales training professional and has managed very large sales teams. He has handled several transitions of scale in the BPO industry and understands the process gaps in recruitment, training and employee engagement.

He has been advising clients on a variety of subjects ranging from recruitment, vendor management, induction quality, training effectiveness and has helped evolve creative processes to strengthen these areas.

He sincerely believes that ‘Customer is King’ and it continues to be a philosophy at AceNgage.

He enjoys playing Squash, watching animation movies & Calvin & Hobbes.

Reach Krish at krish@acengage.com

Ashana K

Ashana is a Post Graduate in Management with over 16 years experience in the Telecom industry, Outsourcing and HR. She has handled all facets of Delivery including Recruitment, Training, Quality, Client Relationship and Account Management.

Teaching has always been her passion and she conducts regular sessions as a Guest Faculty for MBA/PGDBM students. She is now involved in Coaching managers to improve their People Management Skills.

Her dream is to make AceNgage the Numero Uno among companies specializing in Employee Engagement.

She enjoys trekking, travelling and reading.

Reach Ashana at ashana@acengage.com

Innovation Architect
Ravi Pandit

Ravi is a medical graduate with 30 years work experience handling wide range of roles & responsibilities across many industries. Have significant breadth and depth in managing businesses involved in HR services, BPO, Education, IT and Healthcare.

He is a seasoned career professional with entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoys being part of green-field projects, promoting innovation and disruptive products and services.

He has encouraged and mentored AceNgage from its inception. Currently he is busy in evolving methods for:

  • Deconstructing and re-engineering HR management framework with decision support tools and services to improve employee engagement, experience, satisfaction and retention at lowest possible costs.
  • Design and delivery of guaranteed, objective, measurable transformation of managerial developmental objectives, through changes in training and L&D initiative

Reach Ravi Pandit at ravi@acengage.com


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