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Running a marathon, there’s no app for that 3

How it all started- Having run the half marathon a couple of times and many 10km runs, the full marathon was on my mind for a few years now. It’s something that I guess many people go through when you have achieved one goal. You tend to ask yourself what next? I was sure about one thing, delaying it will only make it more and more difficult….. So, when a

HR teams need to show that they care 0

AceNgage recently conducted an HR Effectiveness survey and here are the results: HR unfortunately has a tough job and no one denies it but unfortunately many of them also do a terrible job of it. “Its important for HR to move from Human to Humane” While the challenges can be plenty the start point for any HR leader would be to have an as-is understanding of what employees think of

Why do some Managers always have low attrition 0

A lot of times I get asked about how some team managers consistently have lower attrition than their peers. I believe that its a combination of many things. There are factors that managers may not be able to control such as project dynamics, office location, learning opportunities etc. Having said that, there are clear traits that make some managers stand out from the crowd. Do let me know if I

3 months notice period-Totally ridiculous or an absolute requirement? 3

Taking off from a comment in my last post I am increasingly curious about the merits of having a notice period, especially the 3 month notice periods The main reasons why Organizations have a notice period are: Backfill Since finding the right profile may take time it gives an opportunity for the Organization to backfill the position. However, this challenge is more in smaller Organizations when there is only one

Accepting the offer but not joining, how irresponsible?! Or is it? 3

Over the past few weeks I have been speaking with several HR leaders to find out what are the challenges they face. While attrition continues to be challenge, Everyone expressed their frustration about candidates not joining after accepting an offer. Obvioulsy they are perplexed. The candidate attends several rounds of interviews,accepts the offer, says he’s joining and then bang on the date of joining he doest show up. To make

You have done enough reacting, let 2017 be about Acting 3

The challenges that Organisations face continue to be around talent attraction & employee retention. Nothing new there. Oh Happy New year 🙂 AceNgage over the past several years has worked with a lot Organisations on many many areas of employee engagement & retention. I can, with a lot of confidence, state that we have a good understanding of what Organisations should do to address these challenges . You have to

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