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“Psychological safety” and why it may have led to Mistry’s exit 3

For those you who haven’t yet heard of psychological safety, here goes… Google recently published results from their project, known as Project Aristotle, which took several years, and included interviews with hundreds of employees and analysis of data about the people on more than 100 active teams at the company. “The project was to find a magic formula—the perfect mix of individuals necessary to form a stellar team.” I can

What not to do once you agree for a meeting 2

A good part of my time is spent in meetings. I typically meet HR folks across various designations and I must admit that mostly the interactions are quite intellectually stimulating. But yes there are times that it does get annoying and I am hoping that those of you reading this will appreciate what I am saying and maybe ensure that you don’t do this to someone else. “Please don’t make

What do employees want 1

A couple of weeks back, I met with the Director HR of a large Pharma company and during the conversation, he asked me if I knew what employees really wanted. Well, yes I had a fair idea but I figured that the best thing to do was to ask the employees. What better way to know for sure? My team of counsellors ( behavioural psychologists) recently spoke with around 4500

Indians are happy at workplace, but constantly on the lookout 2

This was the headlines of an article I read in this morning’s Economic times. The article spoke about a study that found that the level of job satisfaction in India is extremely high at around 88%, as against the global average of around 56 %. It also said that 71% of the Indian workforce is either thinking about or actively looking for new positions. I run a business helping Organisations

Only when you ask, you will ever know 3

I have a friend who is looking at buying a house. He is curious about the reputation of the builder, the quality of construction, proximity to schools and hospitals and lots of other stuff. He wants to be sure he is making the right decision. My friend who recently got a pup home had tonnes of questions and reached out to me since she knows I have one too. She

Signs of disengagement 2

Its that time of the year. Most organisations are busy with the performance management cycle. Appraisals would have been completed and Managers would have shared feedback with their teams and discussed key deliverables for the next year. It’s natural that some employees would be happy and some not so. We have to accept it. What is in our control however, is the time we can spend with each of the

“Don’t make resolutions, have goals” she told me… 1

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A very good friend of mine recently told me “Don’t make resolutions, have goals” It made sense to me. Goals seem more tangible and there is something to gun for, but then why do people make resolutions? That got me wondering, how are resolutions different from goals? Wanting to lose a few kilos, doing a trek are goals not resolutions. While goals give you achievable milestones that keep you motivated

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