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Psychotropic Effect of HR Analytics – It Provokes and It Unprovokes 1

Meaning and context of key words: Analytics: The science of logical analysis. Study of patterns and other meaningful information gathered from the analysis of data. Methods could vary according to needs and objectives. Used to understand past performance or predict future performance. HR Analytics: Knowledgeable, usable and actionable data to improve understanding of past, present and future of employee engagement, retention, satisfaction and experience. People Manager: A business leader or

Better salary as the reason for leaving? Really ?? 3

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Having done close to 185,000 exit interviews , it’s natural for me to believe that we at AceNgage have a fair idea of what is driving employee attrition. So when I see white papers by leaders in the market stating that employees leave because of ‘better pay’ or ‘better career opportunities’, it makes me smile. They too had fallen in the trap of focussing on outcomes of leaving instead of

The eNPS survey – A great method to improve employee engagement 2

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It is well known that employees who are highly engaged are enthusiastic about their work and love the company they work at . I could go on about how they have high energy, are full of ideas and make perfect brand ambassadors, but I’m sure you get the drift. What’s important for organisations is, to know which of their employees are highly engaged and who aren’t. Knowledge of this could

What makes employees stay 2

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You may have seen this infographic doing the rounds. I think it’s a smart one and pretty much sums it up. I only wish the list was shorter. Expecting Organisations to work on all 10 values is a bit too ambitious. I got curious as I wanted to simplify the list and recently conducted a survey with a random sample of employees and asked them to vote for their top

Its time for HR to ‘show some spine’ 3

I feel sad and disturbed every time I read a joke or cartoon about the HR function. To me HR is and will always be among the most critical departments in any organisation and they are pretty much responsible to hold the company together. Considering that they are involved from the first day to the last day of every employee’s tenure they have to have some relevance, In spite of

The first 30 days are always Critical….. 4

I read an article recently about how the whole dynamics around recruitment are changing. New age (technology driven) recruitment firms are now targeting ‘engaged’ employees who are not actively looking out for a change, using high-end data analytics to then seduce them into joining another company by making an offer that’s not easy to resist. Mostly to do with a better salary Kiran, my squash partner recently quit a large

India Inc outsources exit interviews 4

MUMBAI: Employee exits can be painful, but exit interviews can be even more agonizing. Emotions run high and most of the times the company is left clueless about the reasons behind the talent departure. In a novel practice, some companies have begun to outsource exit interviews to a third party. This not only retains the confidentiality factor, but also helps the company understand the lead theme around employee exits. Some

Employee retention cannot be a One-Night stand 3

Employee attrition continues to among the top 3 challenges that Organisations face. In spite of this several organisations deploy knee jerk reactions and strategies in an attempt stem it. The fact is that retention will improve only when the actions being taken are consistent and the success is constantly measured There are 2 parts to reducing attrition: Knowing exactly why employees leave. Building & Monitoring action plans. Based on the


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With every new opportunity comes along a threat. With the ecommerce companies taking huge strides and invading our homes, IT companies are facing a skill shortage. The ability to hire good talent has become that much more difficult and now both hiring & retention have become big issues that need to be dealt with urgency. With companies fighting for talent , it has become all the more important for companies

The increasing trend of Outsourcing exit interviews 4

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It’s been a 7-year journey and when we set out explaining to our clients why they should outsource their exit interviews, we were met with quite a bit of resistance. Core Competency The most common objection was that its core HR. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I believe that core HR is mainly about using the information gathered by the third party, to engage with employees better. Sitting

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