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Attrition Fact 21/10/2013 2

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Attrition reports generally have Salary as the main reason why employees leave Organisations. However our studies tell us that Salary doesn’t feature among the top 5 reasons why employees leave Organisations. So what is the disconnect ? When exit interviews are done internally employees tend to be discreet about the actual reason for leaving and in most cases are more comfortable stating uncontrollable factors. Organisations on the other hand prefer

Attrition Fact 08/10/2013 2

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Common sense will tell you that the employees in any organisation are the biggest and possibly the best source to attract talent . However, we continuously hear of the internal employee referral programs don’t work. So why do most employee referral programs fail ? While i could list a few , the biggest reason almost always boils down to lack of rigor & discipline in rolling out the program. Most

“Mail me” or “Call me”… What are you? 3

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There are hundreds of attributes to profile a personality especially at the workplace. There are as many profiling methods as the different types of personality profiles. Many organizations spend an enormous amount of time and resources to psychologically profile employees to better understand their alignment of the profile to the role, business goals and as a valuable input to identify what will and will not motivate an individual or the

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